21 Feb Beyond Analytics: Machine Learning Driven Index Solutions Driving Digital Excellence

In the digital world, the customer experiences, interactions and data availability have exploded, making the problem exponentially harder to solve. The existing generation of marketing analytics follow the older paradigm of providing one new analytic tool after another to capture the ever changing customer digital experience landscape and that too without really tying the customer digital experiences to meaningful outcomes like profitability or ROI. We at SriyaDXi have developed a new solution, called DXi, that ties the customer digital experience to meaningful outcomes of increase in profitability and ROI. This is achieved through customer digital experience mathematical models, actionable metrics and process tools like machine learning algorithms. The end result is that companies can implement both the capture and realization of the experiences that they aspire for their customers with the profitability they desire.

Led by Dr. Srinivas Kilambi, Founder and CEO at SriyaDXi, the SriyaDXi team has put together a very attractive program to enable members of this group to experience DXi on a trial basis. With a passion of 15+ year in this area, I am excited about what this product is doing for existing companies and what it can do for you. Please reach out to me on my linkedin inbox and leaving your name and contact information so that we may connect and discuss this program details.

All the best, continued success!
Dr. Frank L. Harper CGEIT PMP SSGB ITIL SMC SPOC SCT AEC , Board of Advisor, SriyaDXi

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